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Open Auto Transportation is the most common delivery vehicle method in the industry. You’ve likely seen it while driving on the highway, a tractor trailer passing by with anywhere from 3-10 cars on its trailer. U.S. Auto Carrier provides affordable open auto transportation anywhere in the continental United States.

We’ve moved hundreds of vehicles this way over the years and this considerable experience will be beneficial to you. This includes all typical vehicles such as: cars, SUV’s, pick-up trucks, even mini, regular and/or passenger vans. We are ready to deliver your vehicle(s) in a quick, affordable and efficient manner.


Enclosed Auto Transportation is for the car collector or auction professional that demands their vehicle be protected from such elements as weather, dust and dirt. With this shipping method the vehicle is carefully loaded into an enclosed shipping trailer where it will remain until delivery. These extra safety perks can prove to be a bit more costly than Open Auto Transportation but will ensure your vehicle arrives in absolute pristine condition.

Owners of these types of vehicles place a great deal of importance on their exceptional appearance and in return so do we. U.S. Auto Carrier wants you to be confident that your car will be shipped with a great deal of car and attention. This includes: auction cars, vintage cars, exotic cars, antique cars, classic cars and even race cars.


Perhaps you have a heavy or unconventional vehicle that won’t ship on a normal auto trailer? Our Specialized Auto Transportation service can help you get the job done. Such examples of these types of loads we handle include: heavy duty vehicles, recreational vehicles (rv’s), military vehicles and/or limousines.

U.S. Auto Carrier has a variety of trailers that can meet these particular needs.